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A Walk in the Park

Susan and Chris were married in the fragrance gardens at Red Wing Park, Virginia Beach. And although the fires that plagued our area for the month of June masked any chance to smell the flowers, it did create a unique fog through the trees that was kind of mysterious and romantic. This was the first ceremony I had photographed in Red Wing and I loved the large trees and green surroundings. One of my signature photographs is the bride and groom walking together in their environment, wether at the beach, city or in this case the woods. The lighting and the scene was so beautiful I could have photographed them walking until the sun went down! Afterwards the reception commenced at the Shifting Sands club on nearby Dam Neck Base.

dress on bed

bride looking into mirror

bridesmaids helping bride

grand mom at wedding

red wing park fragrance garden

wedding vows

leaving the ceremony

leaving ceremony

walking through the woods

Smoke in the trees

embrace with green all around

black and white of bride and groom

walk in the woods

traditional photograph of bride and groom

Japanese Gardens at Red Wing

fun cake topper

looking out over ocean at shifting sands

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