Some would say that these two forms of photography can not go together. Photojournalism is telling a story while portraits are a deliberate interpretation of a subject. However I have never seen myself as one or the other type of photographer. Yes, my photography sessions are planned and the focus is making beautiful pictures, but I also strive to capture the interactions behind the scenes which make a unique and true story of my clients. These are always my favorites, but I know that there is also great value in tradition too.

Sometimes you get fun surprises during outdoor sessions. It's one of the things I like most about working in a uncontrolled environment! And it's these little things that can make each session even more unique and special. Wether it's a rainbow, ice cream truck or in this case horses I always try to take advantage of these little gifts. Especially when this senior happens to love horses! A special thank you to the owner for letting us get up close and personal with them.

Now that the graduates have officially moved up and out of high school, It's time for 2020-2021 seniors to start thinking about their final year! The summer and early fall is the most popular time for senior photos. Aside from having great weather this time of year another reason why is BHS school yearbook deadlines are typically in October. If you are interested in a senior session please check out my portfolio and senior info page on my website and feel free to reach out with any questions or to check date availability.

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