An April Wedding

We all know that April showers bring May flowers and that same rain is also said to bring good luck on a wedding day. But it just so happens that rain also makes bad driving conditions, so when my car got stuck in the mud on the way from the bride Wendy’s home in Pungo to the church you could say that april showers brought more then just flowers. But there was luck, Wendy’s brother, Noah had an SUV with a rope to get me out! The crisis was adverted, and the rest of the day went off without a hitch.

After the ceremony, Wendy and Jason celebrated their marriage with their friends and family at the Lesner Inn . The local band hotcakes got the party started and you could just see from the smiles and laughter how much fun everyone had.

bridesmaids getting ready
wedding dress hanging with mirror
bridesmaids at home in Pungo

shoes at house
getting stuck in the mud
getting out of the mud

Thanks again Noah!

groomsmen outside of church
flower girl looks out door
wedding flowers
bride hangs up dress in church
bride looks out window
bridesmaid excited
first dance with texture
first dance dip
last bit of light at lesner inn
embrace on the balcany
dancing in circle