We relocated from Bainbridge Island, WA to Mount Pleasant, SC this past June. And the question I get asked most is why? I wish I could give one good answer, but to be honest there were so many reasons that lead us here. Now that it's been six months and its grey season in the Pacific North West, the easy response would be the weather! And for sure that was one big one. I also love the lowcountry landscapes including sandy beaches and wetlands. The sound of crickets at night! Also the past year and half taught us that we wanted to be closer to our family. I could go on and on about why we moved. And certainly we miss some things that are so special and unique about Bainbridge Island. But we are ultimately so happy to be here and have settled into the coastal South Carolina life style.

Soon after relocating I realized that I wanted to branch out with my photography and try to add something new. I've noticed that just about every time I go into a doctor's office there is often a blank wall or uninspiring art work hanging. Often times I end up staring at whatever they have up or worse at the intimidating medical equipment and feel drained. So I started wondering if the doctors office gave people something calming and pleasant to look at would that ease my anxiety about being there. Turns out there is much research that says this is true! So I started The Calming Image to provide relaxing landscape art on vibrant antimicrobial aluminum prints. www.thecalmingimage.com

It's spring time which means graduating season wether that is High School, College or even Graduate School like Andrew. Cap and gown photography is a great way to celebrate your accomplishment!

There is no doubt that for so many of us 2020 was a difficult, sad and stressful year. I think the universe was sending me a sign while editing the last frame of my last shoot of the year. I noticed that my client's child had picked up a rock that someone had thoughtfully painted and left at the beach that read: This too shall pass. Even funnier the girls were making silly faces as a fun way to end our session. It was a reminder that no matter how bad things seem eventually they will be better. And on another positive note there were some beautiful new souls brought into the world in 2020 like this sweet baby girl!