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Fay Bainbridge Beach Family Photographer

There are so many amazing places on Bainbridge Island and the surrounding communities to have photographs taken and Fay Bainbridge has to be one of the best. From the sea grass and driftwood to the soft way light falls there at the end of the day, it’s pretty close to perfect. I suppose that is why it has been my most requested location. It reminds me of a beach in Virginia Beach where I used to photograph the majority of my portrait sessions for six years while we lived there. Sometimes it would feel a little redunant, but then I would think how amazing is it that this is my office! Below is the Weingaertner family who visit Bainbridge from Singapore every year. They were such a joy to work with! Check out third photos down of the behind the scenes of how to get a babies attention during a photo shoot. :)

bainbridge family portraits
fay bainbridge beach photographer

children photographer WA

mother and baby bainbridge island photographers
family photography sessions


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