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Wedding Day Do’s

In the years that I have been shooting weddings I have gained a lot of insight to the little things that can help make the day of photos even better. I’ve been meaning to share some of them for awhile so here we go:

Do get ready in a pretty room with a nice mirror.

Do remember to look up when you walk down the aisle.

Do turn up the AC in the church on a hot day. (Okay doesn’t help with photos, but makes everyone happier)

Do plan an exit from the church with flower pedals, bubbles, bells, etc it makes for great candid moments and the guests love wishing you off. (even if your just driving around the block)

Do hire a professional day of coordinator or ask your most organized and assertive friend to help with all the details and making sure everyone is where they need to be.

Do leave plenty of time for the scheduled photographs and think of the sunset timing if you will be using an outdoor setting. (usually the prettiest lighting is an hour or two prior to the sunset)

Do keep it original by bringing props and fun ideas to the photographs of the bridal party and newlyweds.

Do liven up your first dance with a couple of twirls and a dip.

Do think about the lighting at the Reception. Turning off the overhead lights and adding ambient lighting can transform your reception and it really shows in the photographs.

Do spend time on the little details. I will be sure to catch them for you.

Do exit while the party is still hot. Leaving on a high shows the excitement on everyones faces right until the end.


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